iSep™ UF Elements

iSep is the first spiral wound element designed for repeated backwash cleaning during operation. The modular self contained iSep and the tank mounted SpiraSep both provide durable low fouling formats for challenging applications in wastewater, solids removal, oil reduction, as well as RO and NF pretreatment. 

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TurboClean® Sanitary Elements

TurboClean elements are used in a wide range of applications requiring sanitary membrane construction. From food and dairy to pharmaceutical and dialysis our innovative TurboClean shell provides a rugged element with efficient bypass flow and performnace unmatched by more traditional cage or net-wrapped sanitary elements.  

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Custom & Specialty Elements

TriSep is the membrane industry's leader in the manufacture of custom and specialty spiral wound membrane elements. Whether its new product development, made to order specialty construction, the replacement of a discontinued membrane element, or a custom product uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs TriSep can build it.  

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Core Membrane Products, Cleaners, and Scale Inhibitors

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In addition to specialty products TriSep offers an outstanding selection of standard reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration membrane elements. Whether you need replacements for an existing system or are in the process of designing a new system TriSep manufactures products to suit your needs. Along with our membrane products TriSep has an excellent line of scale inhibitors to keep your reverse osmosis or nanofiltartion units running smoothly. To top it all off we also offer some of the best industrial membrane cleaners on the market for restoring the performance of your system.   

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