iSep™ Membrane Modules

iSep™, or Integrated SpiraSep™ modules, represent the latest evolution of the SpiraSep™ product line. Developed to eliminate the needs for an external tank, an iSep™ system delivers the same high-quality permeate as its older cousin with the additional benefits of reduced footprint, higher membrane area, integrated aeration and the ability to quickly drain solids from the modules between backwashes. 

Features & Benefits

  • Spiral Wound
  • High Solids Tolerance
  • Nominal 0.03 Micron Pore Size 
  • PVDF & PES Membranes Available 
  • Integrated Aeration

Product Guides

Download iSep Product Guide ›

iSep 500 PVDF Data Sheet

iSep 500 PES Data Sheet

  Typical isep modular cassette