Specification sheets for each of our membrane element models are listed below.  For descriptions of each of our different membranes, please see the Membranes tab above.  If you can't find the model you are looking for, please contact us.  For more information on custom and specialty elements, see the Custom & Specialty Elements page. 

You can also view our Specification Sheets by Application  >>

TurboClean® Sanitary Elements Fiberglass Outerwrap Elements
1812 Elements 2540 Elements
TurboClean® 1812-ACM2-31 TurboClean® 1812-SBUF-31 2540-ACM1-TSF 2540-TS40-TSF
TurboClean® 1812-ACM5-31 TurboClean® 1812-UF5-31 2540-ACM2-TSF 2540-TS80-TSF
TurboClean® 1812-SB90-31 TurboClean® 1812-UF10-31 2540-ACM4-TSF 2540-UA60-TSF
TurboClean® 1812-TS40-31 TurboClean® 1812-UB70-31 2540-ACM5-TSF 2540-UE50-QSF
TurboClean® 1812-TS80-31 TurboClean® 1812-UE50-31 2540-SB20-TSF 2540-UF10-QSF
TurboClean® 1812-UA60-31 TurboClean® 1812-TM10-31 2540-SB90-TSF 2540-UF5-QSF
TurboClean® 1812-X20-31 TurboClean® 1812-SBNF-31 2540-SBNF-TSF 2540-X201-TSF
TurboClean® 1812-XN45-31 TurboClean® 1812-MF01-31 2540-SBUF-TSF 2540-XN45-TSF

3838 & 3840 Elements 4040 Elements
TurboClean® High Temp RO-3838 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF10-31 4040-ACM1-TSA 4040-SB20-TSF
TurboClean® High Temp TS40-3838 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF10-46 4040-ACM1-TSF 4040-SB50-TSA
TurboClean® High Temp TS80-3838 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF10-65 4040-ACM-23G 4040-SB50-TSF
TurboClean® High Temp UA60-3838 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF5-31 4040-ACM2-TSA 4040-SB90-TSDA
TurboClean® MF 3838-TM10-46 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF5-46 4040-ACM2-TSDA 4040-SB90-TSF
TurboClean® MF 3838-TM10-65 TurboClean® UF 3838-UF5-65 4040-ACM2-TSF 4040-SBUF-TSF
TurboClean® NF 3838-TS40-31 TurboClean® NF 3840-TS40-31 4040-ACM2-TSFN 4040-TM10-QSA
TurboClean® NF 3838-TS40-46 TurboClean® NF 3840-TS40-47P 4040-ACM2-TSOA 4040-TM10-QXF
TurboClean® NF 3838-TS40-HS-47P TurboClean® NF 3840-TS40-HS-31 4040-ACM2-TST 4040-TS40-TSF
TurboClean® NF 3838-TS80-31 TurboClean® NF 3840-TS80-31 4040-ACM2-TWFN 4040-TS80-TSA
TurboClean® NF 3838-TS80-46 TurboClean® NF 3840-UA60-31 4040-ACM3-TSA 4040-TS80-TSF
TurboClean® NF 3838-UA60-31 TurboClean® NF 3840-UA60-46 4040-ACM3-TSF 4040-UA60-TSA
TurboClean® NF 3838-XN45-31 TurboClean® NF 3840-XN45-31 4040-ACM4-TSA 4040-UA60-TSF
TurboClean® NF 3838-XN45-46 TurboClean® NF 3840-XN45-47P 4040-ACM4-TSF 4040-UE50-QSF
TurboClean® NF 3838-XN45-47P TurboClean® NF 3840-XN45-65 4040-ACM4-TSFN 4040-UE50-QXA
TurboClean® RO 3838-ACM2-31 TurboClean® RO 3840-ACM2-31 4040-ACM4-TST 4040-UE50-QXF
TurboClean® RO 3838-ACM2-46 TurboClean® RO 3840-ACM2-46 4040-ACM4-TWF 4040-UF10-QSF

4040-ACM4-TWFN 4040-UF5-QSF
4040 Elements 4040-ACM5-TWF 4040-X201-TSA
TurboClean® 4040-23G-M TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-HS-M 4040-ACM5-TWFN 4040-X201-TSDA
TurboClean® 4040-TS40-31-F TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-LE-F 4040-ACM5-TWT 4040-X201-TSF
TurboClean® 4040-TS40-31-M TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-LE-M 4040-SB20-TSA 4040-XN45-TSA
TurboClean® 4040-TS80-31-F TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-M 4040-SB20-TSDA 4040-XN45-TSF
TurboClean® 4040-TS80-31-M TurboClean® HP 4040-UF10-F
TurboClean® 4040-UA60-31-F TurboClean® HP 4040-UF-HS-F 8040 Elements
TurboClean® 4040-UA60-31-M TurboClean® HP 4040-UF-M 8040-ACM1-TSA 8040-SB20-TSFA
TurboClean® 4040-XN45-31-F TurboClean® HP 4040-X20-F 8040-ACM1-TSFA 8040-SB20-TSOA
TurboClean® 4040-XN45-31-M TurboClean® HP 4040-X20-M 8040-ACM1-TXA 8040-SB50-TSA
TurboClean® HP 4040-RO-F TurboClean® High Temp RO-4040 8040-ACM1-UWA 8040-SB90-TSA
8040-ACM2-TSA 8040-SB90-TSFA
6338 & 6438 Elements 8040-ACM2-TSAN 8040-SB90-TSOA
TurboClean® Brine 6338-47P TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5-31 8040-ACM2-TSFA 8040-SBNF-DWI
TurboClean® NF 6338-TS80-31 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5-46 8040-ACM2-TSFN 8040-SBNF-TSA
TurboClean® NF 6338-UA60-47P TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5-65 8040-ACM2-UWA 8040-SBUF-DWI
TurboClean® NF 6338-XN45-31 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5-80 8040-ACM2-UWAN 8040-SBUF-TSA
TurboClean® RO 6338-ACM2-31 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5pHT-31 8040-ACM2-UWFA 8040-TM10-QXA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-31 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5pHT-46 8040-ACM2-UWFN 8040-TS40-TSA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-46 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5pHT-65 8040-ACM3-TSA 8040-TS40-TSFA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-65 TurboClean® UF 6338-UF5pHT-80 8040-ACM3-TSAN 8040-TS80-TSA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10-80 TurboClean® UF 6438-UF10-31 8040-ACM3-TSFN 8040-TS80-TSFA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10pHT-31 TurboClean® UF 6438-UF10-46 8040-ACM3-UWA 8040-TS80-TXFA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10pHT-46 TurboClean® UF 6438-UF5-31 8040-ACM3-UWAN 8040-TS80-UWA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10pHT-65 TurboClean® UF 6438-UF5-46 8040-ACM3-UWFN 8040-TS80-UWFA
TurboClean® UF 6338-UF10pHT-80 8040-ACM4-TSA 8040-UA60-TSA
8040-ACM4-TSAN 8040-UA60-TSFA
8038 Elements 8040-ACM4-TSFA 8040-UE50-QSA
TurboClean® Brine 8038-47P TurboClean® RO 8038-ACM2-80P 8040-ACM4-TSFN 8040-UE50-QXA
TurboClean® High Temp RO-8038 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-31 8040-ACM4-UWA 8040-UF10-QSA
TurboClean® High Temp TS40-8038 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-46 8040-ACM4-UWAN 8040-UF10-QSFA
TurboClean® High Temp TS80-8038 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-65 8040-ACM4-UWFA 8040-UF5-QSA
TurboClean® NF 8038-TS40-31 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10-80 8040-ACM4-UWFN 8040-X201-TSA
TurboClean® NF 8038-TS40-46 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10pHT-31 8040-ACM5-TSA 8040-X201-TSFA
TurboClean® NF 8038-TS40-46-HS TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10pHT-46 8040-ACM5-TSAN 8040-X201-TXA
TurboClean® NF 8038-TS40-65 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10pHT-65 8040-ACM5-TSFA 8040-X201-UWA
TurboClean® NF 8038-TS80-46 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF10pHT-80 8040-ACM5-TSFN 8040-X20-UWFA
TurboClean® NF 8038-UA60-31 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5-31 8040-ACM5-UWA 8040-XN45-TSA
TurboClean® NF 8038-UA60-46 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5-46 8040-ACM5-UWAN 8040-XN45-TSFA
TurboClean® NF 8038-XN45-31 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5-65 8040-ACM5-UWFN 8040-XN45-UWA
TurboClean® NF 8038-XN45-46 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5-80 8040-SB20-TPA 8040-XN45-UWFA
TurboClean® NF 8038-XN45-47P TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5pHT-31 8040-SB20-TSA
TurboClean® NF 8038-XN45-65 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5pHT-46
TurboClean® RO 8038-ACM2-31 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5pHT-65 8340 & 8540 Elements
TurboClean® RO 8038-ACM2-46 TurboClean® UF 8038-UF5pHT-80 8340-ACM2-TSOA 8540-ACM4-TSFA
8340-SB20-TSOA 8540-ACM4-TSFN
8040 Elements 8340-X201-TSOA 8540-SB20-TSFA
TurboClean® 8040-ACM2-31 TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO 8540-ACM2-TSFA 8540-SB50-TSFA
TurboClean® 8040-ACM2-46 TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-CA 8540-ACM2-TSFN
TurboClean® 8040-ACM2-65 TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-CA-O
TurboClean® 8040-TS40-31 TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-LE
TurboClean® 8040-TS40-46 TurboClean® Bev 8040-RO-X20 Specialty Elements
TurboClean® 8040-TS40-65 TurboClean® Bev 8040-UF 8040-M2C3Q4 - Warm Temperature RO
TurboClean® 8040-TS80-31 TurboClean® High Temp RO-8040 8040-O1G8R1 - Cellulose Acetate RO
TurboClean® 8040-TS80-46 TurboClean® High Temp TS40-8040 8040-O3E6R1 - Cellulose Acetate NF
TurboClean® 8040-TS80-47P TurboClean® High Temp UA60-8040 TurboClean® 8038-M2HPU8 - High Pressure RO
TurboClean® 8040-TS80-65 TurboClean® High Temp UF-8040 TurboClean® 8040-M2F3T7 - High Pressure RO
TurboClean® 8040-UA60-31 TurboClean® High Temp X20-8040
TurboClean® 8040-XN45-31 TurboClean® High Temp XN45-8040
TurboClean® 8040-XN45-47P TurboClean® HP 8040-RO
TurboClean® Bev 8040-NF-CA TurboClean® HP 8040-RO-HS
TurboClean® Bev 8040-NF-CA-O TurboClean® HP 8040-X20

8337, 8338, & 8340 Elements
TurboClean® MF 8338-MF01-65 TurboClean® UF 8338-UF5-31
TurboClean® MF 8338-MF01-80P TurboClean® UF 8338-UF5-46
TurboClean® MF 8338-TM10-80 TurboClean® Bev 8340-NF-CA-O
TurboClean® UF 8338-UF10-31 TurboClean® Bev 8340-RO-CA-O
TurboClean® UF 8338-UF10-46 TurboClean® HP 8340-RO-O