The MICRODYN-NADIR US executive team holds decades of experience in manufacturing, product development, membrane formulation, sales and customer service. Many of our key personnel have spent their entire careers within the membrane industry and have been part of growing the technology from its early beginnings. MICRODYN-NADIR has developed a responsive, highly competent, technical work force with unique capabilities.

MANAging Director, Peter Knappe

Peter Knappe was one of the founding members of TriSep Corporation as well as the current MICRODYN-NADIR US Managing Director. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley's Chemistry Department in 1982 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Peter has spent his entire career in the membrane industry. Peter began working for Hydranautics as a technical service and product development engineer before founding TriSep Corporation along with James Bartlett in 1989.

Peter successfully negotiated the purchase of DuPont's spiral wound membrane assets in 1991, complementing TriSep's early cellulose acetate products with the ability to produce thin film composites. Peter holds five US and foreign patents and was instrumental in building TriSep, quite literally, from the ground up. His expertise can be found in the construction of the MICRODYN-NADIR US facilities, equipment and developing its manufacturing capabilities.  

Global Commercial Director, Jon Goodman

Jon Goodman currently holds the position of Global Commercial Leader. A graduate of Georgia Tech in 1987 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Jon has spent his entire career in the membrane industry. Beginning as the third Dow Chemical employee at the FilmTec site in Minneapolis, Jon spent the next twenty years building and leading the membrane business in food and dairy applications, rising to the position of Global Marketing Manager within the FilmTec division.

Jon joined TriSep Corporation in 2009 to lead its sales and marketing efforts, build its commercial team and oversee TriSep's transformation to a high-value, specialty focused membrane supplier. The expansion of TriSep's commercial team under his tenure has included a highly technical combination of new engineers and experienced membrane professionals. After Jon's arrival, TriSep doubled in size, driven by expansions in food, dairy, specialty and custom products. With the acquisition of TriSep by MICRODYN-NADIR in 2016, Jon took on the role of Global Commercial Leader and continues to push the company to new heights.